Composit - Detox TeaWith the arrival of the warm season we’re always trying to get back into shape. Gym memberships, SPAs, firming body creams, diets… If you feel like you’ve tried them all, a teatox could just be the right choice for you. What is it all about? A detox treatment based on special blends of teas or herbal teas that allows you to easily detox your system.

The good thing about teatox are the selected ingredients, which allow to improve metabolism and help digestion while toxic substances, that normally accumulate during the day, are being eliminated from your body. So, if we just add 2 cups to our regular hydrating routine (1 and 1/2 liter of water a day is the best way to have bright and youthful skin) our bodies will thank us! What do you think? Should we start next Monday?

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