The beauty of being active is that it makes everything better. I’s not just the body that benefits from physical activity – you may have noticed, when looking in the mirror, that your skin also improves, slowly getting rid of all traces of stress. It’s not a visual illusion, we promise, it’s true! We also know that physical activity is not a magic wand, and sometimes, we will still need to use makeup – but we can’t really show up at the gym with 4kg of foundation on our face, right? Luckily, wellness has become as much of a trend as beauty, which is why a lot of brands are working on skincare and makeup options for those of us who spend a lot of their time on yoga mats and spinning bicycles. Their formulas are lightweight and functional, and their size is perfect for your gym bag. Explore our selection of favorites in the gallery, and please share your suggestions and tips in the comments, if you have any!

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