MULTIMASKING-coverIn the world of beauty trends, sometimes, you can get distracted for a moment and, in a few days, your timeline is filled with photos, dozens of people wearing strange camouflage rainbows on their faces talking about multimasking. But what’s this new beauty routine? And how to do it? But, most of all, what are the products to use?

What is multimasking. It’s a beauty treatment that you can do in the comfort of your own home and entails the use of different beauty masks. Which ones? It’s very easy: one for every little imperfection you would like to take care of in your home spa session!

How to multimask. You might be wondering how to choose your masks. Opt for creamy ones: using fabric masks, would mean using scissors, which is never too relaxing. Make a list of the areas you wish to focus on and match the correct treatment based on each of your needs. The main goal is hydration, since winter months are pretty tough on our skin. So, let’s begin with a moisturizing mask that we’ll apply on the cheeks and neck. Get closer to the jawline and the ears, an area we often forget to properly moisturize. On step 2, we’ll focus on a purifying. process. Areas of interest: forehead, nose and chin, the infamous T zone. Here we’ll use a clay mask that will help us revive our skin. Last but not least, the eye contour. We’re once again choosing a moisturizing treatment, that is specific for this delicate area. Be careful how you apply the mask: patches are perfect, but if you opt for the cream, apply it using your ring finger. It’s the weakest finger of the hand and it avoids causing irritations or nullifying the use of the mask with moves that are too powerful. Get comfortable and wait for a maximum of 20 minutes to rinse it with lukewarm water and a cotton cloth or small towel. Remember to dab, not wipe. Now you are ready for the mirror!

What products to use for multimasking. The gallery features our favorite masks and a section dedicated to the best multimasking kits: now, all you have to do is experiment!

Text and selection by Giulia Angolini

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