My name is Elsa Hosk, I was born in Sweden on a winter morning, but my favorite season is summer. There is really nothing that can beat the joy I feel when I see the sun. For some reason, everyone seems to think my life is incredible… Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s really not that way. My daily routine is made of discipline, good habits, and large doses of willpower.

When the alarm goes off, I open my eyes straightaway: the early bird gets the worm. I like to make good use of every single minute, which is why I start every morning with a meditation session. 15 to 20 minutes are ideal, but if I happen to be in a rush, I still try to practice for at least 5 minutes. Meditating is a good way to establish a few objectives for my day, setting intentions to maintain focus on the activities that are expecting me during the day, and helping me to stay calm if anything doesn’t go according to plan. I wrap up my meditation with a smile, and quickly go to the kitchen — I really couldn’t start my day without breakfast. I need a lot of energy to be on my feet for so many hours and prepare to train. What do I eat? Eggs and bacon, on the days I go to the gym, and on the days I rest I have a lighter breakfast with a cold-pressed juice… The one healthy thing you will find in my diet!

Time for my beauty routine. There are two steps I never skip: cleansing my face, and applying sunscreen! I always remove my makeup, but in the morning I still like to cleanse my skin with a delicate soap, to make it my clean slate for the day. Before leaving the house, I apply a thin layer of Biotherm Waterlover Sun Milk SPF 30: on hot summer days, it is essential for the formula to be lightweight, not oily and waterproof, so that it won’t feel horrible to actually reapply it. I generally try not to expose my skin to direct sunlight, so I keep my sunscreen handy, just in case, and I especially will do so today. On top of my usual workout in the gym, the day will include another sports session, I am trying out paddleboarding… Let’s hope I don’t fall into the water 5 minutes after I start!

My routine at the gym usually includes a mix of different disciplines, such as boxe, pilates and barre. I always try to match high-intensity training with something that focuses on stretching and lengthening muscles… So here’s the angels’ secret for physical activity! Here is another one: we would get bored to death if we always practiced the same exercises, so we try to keep it interesting by always changing, experimenting with new disciplines. You should try that too, it’s fun! Led Zeppelin are always my workout soundtrack, I really need the energy. Though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea… I also always go back to the sea, both at home and abroad. The Stockholm islands are probably favorite place my favorite place in the world, and they are the perfect background for the ending of my ideal day. Sunset on the water, a shot shared on Instagram and I make my way back, where I will have a beautiful, warm bath. Could it possibly get any better?

***No Angel was harmed in the making of this post***

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