Training for 45 minutes tops, and get results that equal the same effects as 4 hours working out at the gym? Selene Genisella promises it can be done. We tested her method first-hand, the Italian alternative to Kayla Itsines’s one, trying out her circle training — a series of exercises that is guaranteed to reshape your body, thanks to its blend of cardio and toning exercises.

We met her at the Ceresio 7 Gym and Spa in Milan, and we were revealed all the secrets and tips you need to follow a high-intensity workout: repeat the circle training you see in the video 3 times, with a 2-minute rest between sessions. If you do this 3 times a week, you will immediately notice that your body will be toned and defined, without losing in gracefulness. ARE YOU READY?

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  • Wow your blog is amazing! We were wondering if we could collaborate with you guys to have some of our items featured here 🙂

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    Sorry, I disagree this kind of training. At the beginning is usually to see the results but week by week this method doesn’t work without planning a weight routine and obviously diet !!
    Kisses Simona

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