Have you ever hung upside down along a wall, with a sort of harness behind your back as your only support? If the answer is no, well, really, you don’t know what you’re missing. We tried this a few weeks ago, when the whole gang joined a Yoga Wall class at the IN/EX Palestre in Milan, to get a feel for what it’s like to be the Spider Men of chilling – that is, to see how it feels to practice yoga postures while hanging a few inches off the ground. Most of us train regularly, and some are more bendy than others, but none of us was ready to hear our bodies creak, and no one was ready to laugh as much as we did – neither was our teacher-for-a-day, who assisted us for the hour during which we attempted to stretch our backs, lengthen our legs, enhance our flexibility and tone our bodies, as well as our souls – without ever touching the ground. The central idea of Yoga Wall is to release tension into space, while facilitating movement and easing the execution of more complex asanas, thanks to a special harness that ties you to the wall and keeps you slightly elevated from the floor, helping you attain the correct posture. And you know what? It totally works! Some of us were really scared to fall, others, mostly the guys in the group, were worried that their muscles would be too tight. And yet, all of us managed to go way beyond what they thought their body could handle: all of us managed to execute all postures, both at the wall, and on the mat, during the final part of the class. We are all ready and set, to try new sports, and challenge ourselves!

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    Never tried it, but I’m going to see it done, it’s nice that you guys share various stuff here, not meaningless ones like what we can find on many other blogs. Awesome!

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