The perfect airport style isn’t an easy task. You have to find a compromize between comfort and fashion, and sometimes it’s very hard. Luckily, there isn’t just one dress code and our fave celebrities prove it everyday, turning airport tapis roulant into the ultimate runway. Here you are 5 airport styles for your outfit inspirations.

image00006Sporty and comfy: this is a big classic of the airportstyle, where comfort comes firts. We say a big yes to trackpants, maxi hoodie and sneakers, as long as they are the coolest of the season. If you look for a glam touch, you can always match your outfit with a precious handbag and a faux fur coat.


Stylish casual: our everyday look is perfect when you travel around the world. You just have to mix very well: so, wear your super comfy jeans and latex leggings and match them with a maxi tricot sweater and classy coats. You’ll look amazing!

Rita Ora

Homeless chic: when you travel, you can experience polar cold and tropical heat, and sometimes you need to make your elegant outfit (it depends where you need to go after you arrive) into some comfortable one. Layers are the best solutions and you don’t have to be afraind to look like an homeless: if you choose the right clothes, you’ll find the chic effect!


The ultimate avant garde: well, we have just said that the airport sometimes is like a runway…but hey, you don’t have to take that so damn seriously. It’s fine to be on trend, but you’ll better wear them after your arrival, right?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Very posh: a 24-hours-without-stops flight nightmare is not a goode reason to give up showing your most elegant looks, at least for someone. We’re not judging you, but we suggest you this: maybe next time you can hide a sweatshirt and some leggings inside your hand luggage!

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