After the mom jeans revolution, after boot-cut jeans and leather pants, vinyl pants are the new hot, trendy pants in everyone’s closet. They are sexier, and have a more rock’n’roll attitude than leather pants, which is why TBS chose them as a must-have item for Winter. Like every nice story, though, even vinyl pants come with a dark side, which doesn’t necessarily stop our story from having a happy ending, thankfully. The true question is, can any body type really wear vinyl pants?

We all like being up to date with the latest trends, and surely most women know the best way to show the beauty of their body… Some of us, though, might get disheartened after a mistake, and just give up, rather than try again. It’s true, vinyl jeans aren’t easy to wear at all! This kind of textile shows your legs and your curves very, very clearly, and if you don’t match your jeans to the right clothes, vinyl jeans can turn into the kind of mistake that disheartens you forever. But every cloud has a silver lining: we did some research on that with the girls at TBS, and tried to find ways to wear this kind of jeans that work for every kind of body type. And that was how we found an answer to our question: yes, vinyl pants work for just about everyone and there are really no limits. Looking cool is not a matter of size or of shape, or at least size or body type shouldn’t be a good reason to give up on being trendy, if we so wish. Once you understand what your body’s strong suit is, all you need to do is find the winning strategy that works for you… And of course, we are here to lend you a hand with styling 🙂

Look 1
If your legs are your strong suit, find ways to show off how long and beautifully toned they are!



Look 2
If abs are your strength, find a way to show your bellybutton, even in Winter. Maybe you could wear layers, to avoid freezing to death?



Look 3
If you love your bottom, never cover it up with anything! Always make sure you create the most relaxed look you can think of, to tone down the strong effects of vinyl pants a little.


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