Which is the must have makeup product for spring? Blush! It’s perfect to create that glow effect on your face, even in grey days like these, that’s why we can’t have enough of it this spring 2018. How to choose the best one among all the ones we see in beauty stores? Keep on reading to discover the best blushes for spring!


The best colours: when we apply a blush, it’s very important to choose the best colour for our skin tone and for the makeup look we want to create. If we want to light up our face with a warm makeup, it’s better to use orange tones, that are so cool in summer to give that magical glow to our cheeks; if we go for a colder makeup, let’s dare with pink shades, even the ones next to fuchsia. But remember : the clown effect, if we use too much product, is always around the corner! If you prefer to go straight, choose brown clushes: they will give to your face a wonderful nude effect.


Powder, cream or stick? So many colours, but also many different kinds of blushes. Which are the best? Powder blushes must be highly pigmented but also well blending, to give that natural appeal. Cream blushes, especially if they have an opalescent effect, are awesome in this period of the year to give some light to your makeup…but be careful if your skin is oily. What about stick blushes? The best, if you want to retouch your makeup in a few seconds, just like cushion blushes. If you like liquid blushes, let’s start with a few drops: they’re always super intense!


How to apply blush: why do we love blushes? Because they’re the easiest product to apply! If your blush is creamy, liquid or in stick, you just need your fingers to light up your cheeks. If you love powder blushes, instead, you should always use an angled brush, perfect to blend the product.


Which will be your fav blush for spring summer 2018? If you’re still unsure, clear up your mind with our gallery!



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