Sport arenas are the most fashionable places in the world. Well, at least in the States: a true celebrity never miss Lakers or Knick basketball games, styling their outfits and showing faboulous details in their clothes and accessories.

Are you going to see a match and you still don’t know how to dress up? Here you can find our suggestions to create the coolest look ever!

Make a statement: just one accessory can make the difference. Kendall Jenner‘s style is the proof. For one of ther latest appearance at the Staples center, she accessorized her look with Saint Laurent crystal embellished over-the-knee boots. Kendall, and her posh & urban style, is a regular at basketball match. Maybe it’s not for the sport itself, but for her new beau, Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin!


Say which is your fave team: we have to take stand in life…and especially in sport! Don’t be afraid which is you fave team with your outfits. Take inspiration from Gigi and Bella Hadid, that made a fashion statements with their New York Rangers’ total looks!


When it’s cold outside, cover up! If you’re soccer obsessed, you know how sheer and short clothes are out in these cold weeks. This doesn’t mean you can’t surprise everyone playing with layers. Our dearest Chiara, for Juventus-Inter match last december, styled her look with a suyper warm Louis Vuitton x Supreme denim jacket. You can also choose for an oversized jumper, just like One on One x The Blonde Salad: the best compromize if you want to be warm and cool!

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