boyband2Olivier Rousteing announced that in occasion of his evening dedicated to the collection Balmain for H&M there would have been a “nostalgic” moment, but no one imagined this much. On stage the Backstreet Boys made their appearance performing live in front of an acclaiming audience . Did we wish we were there? Of course! Here, at the office, we know all their songs by heart and these days we are relistening to all of them! It’s not just the Backstreet Boys that we dreamt of when were teenagers and we would love to see on stage once again. From the great Take That (Robbie, why did you abandoned us?!) to Blue and East 17, here which ’90s boy bands had us dream and we would love to see in concert. Come on guys, Can you please come back for good? 😉

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    I love that you included east 17!! when I talked to people about them, they don’t know who they are! I mean, cmon!!!

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  • OMG Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and Westlife <3
    I still know almost all of their songs by heart, and whenever it comes up on the radio, I unconsciously sing along 😀
    Haha that's so cool that the Backstreet Boys performed again! <3

    XO, Elizabeth

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