Sex and the City is over and so are the chances to see a movie #3, but if we have a certainty in life, that’s Carrie Bradshaw and how she influenced about love, men…and especially fashion! Years pass, but the smart New York Star writer played by Sarah Jessica Parker is still an incredible inspiration for our looks. Stay tuned, because we’re unveiling our 10 Carrie Bradshaw favourite outfits in Sex and the city!



“Shopping is my cardio”. There are so many Carrie Bradshaw quotes written in our memory. She preferred to swear on her original Chanel robe instead of her life (talking about priorities in life…). She even dared to correct her robber’s bad pronunciation when he was stealing her Manolo Blahnik sandals, pulling a gun to her! Her passion for fashion created so many fashion victims, that are still trying to recreate the best version of her famous walk in closet, dreaming to see, hanging on wire hangers, hundred thousands of dollars. Yes, if you remember, she preferred to “see” her money in her wardrobe instead on her bank account!


My love for Carrie Bradshaw and Dolce And Gabbana never dies.

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Carrie’s outfits really made history: from the iconic ballerina dress that she wore in the series intro, to the slip dress of her famous bus billboard, her gazette printed dress by John Galliano e her vintage fur coat. What about her trés chic parisienne ensembes, that she styled during the last episodes filmed in Ville Lumière? Unforgettable!


Ultimate style icon ✨

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So many Carrie Bradshaw’s looks made us dream in the years. We chose 10 of them, and we hope they will make you dream as well! Find them out in the gallery below!



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