We have a news for you: fashion lovers are more active than any other account on Instagram. According to Instagram Passions report, they visualize contents 5 times more, they like 3 times more and follow 2,5 accounts more than the average user. There’s nothing strange with that: fashion, actually, is made on social media, where you can find unexpected trends, niche brands and inspirations for your daily outfits.

Our fave celebrities accounts are an endless source of fashion and beauty tips…and we’re sure that sometimes, when you like their posts, you wonder which is the brand behind that faboulous Chiara Ferragni‘s coat, those gorgeous Kendall Jenner‘s shoes or that amazing bag carried by Bella or Gigi Hadid.

Luckliy, on Instagram, there’s a plenty of accounts committed to their style. We suggest you the best three…and don’t forget to follow them!

Ferragni Closet

If you love Chiara Ferragni’s style, you have to follow Ferragni Closet. It’s updated with all the latest look from our favourite fashionista, plus it will give you many good tips to buy her fashion pieces online!

Hadids Closet

Since 2014, it’s the Hadid sisters fashion Bible. Bella and Gigi’s outfitf are analyzed carefully to give you the chance to know their favourite fashion items. Believe us, sometimes they’re more affordable than you can ever imagine!

Kendall Jenner Closet

The coolest girl from Kardashian clan has an account committed to her style, too. There, you’ll discover that she usually wears Adidas sneakers, as the brand face but also for “family duties” (aka Kanye West Yeezy‘s brand), but she’s also obsessed by vintage denim pants and for Balenciaga clothes.

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