Have you ever wondered where Chiara Ferragni stays while she’s in New York during fashion week? Well, if you haven’t already discovered it through her Instagram posts we are happy to give you the news: it’s The Mark hotel.


The Mark Hotel isn’t situated near the main fashion venues in NY but the amazing rooms and the extra services that it offers will make you rethink about your fashion week duties… even if you are Chiara Ferragni or Rita Ora. The singer, in fact, chose it to get ready for the Met Gala earlier this year.



The hotel’s entrance is very easy to notice: there are always a few pedicabs waiting for you to bring you around the city. The lounge is quite amazing itself, with a beautiful floor decorated with white and black stripes. It will be hard to forget such an entrance!


The rooms are Chiara’s favorite part: big, spacious and with one of the most comfortable mattresses that you ever tried. For girls like us, who are always busy with beauty treatments and huge makeup sessions, we have another news for you: they have the biggest bathrooms ever (do you remember Chiara’s Instagram story, in which she was showing her hotel suite while two friends of her were getting ready in the bathroom? Yes, it’s that big!) and the white marble furniture is perfect for some Instagram content 😉


Let’s not forget about the view: the rooms have a direct view on Upper East Side buildings, and if you have the chance to visit their Penthouse, which by the way is the biggest penthouse in the whole USA, who will have a view above Central Park.


Check our gallery below, as words cannot describe how beautiful this place is, and let us know your thoughts!


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