She’s pink. She’s sassy. She’s resilient. That’s Chrissa Sparkles, the pinkest fashion icon of the Internet! But wait,ย she’s more than just a pink babe: she’s smart and talented and she created a lifestyle brand that she uses to express her amazing lifestyle. To her, in fact, pink is more than just a colour: it’s a way to express her inner beauty. We were so curious about her (she has more than 68k followers on Instagram) that we decided to have a chat with her. Stay tuned to discover everything about Chrissa Sparkles!



Have you always been the Chrissa Sparkles we know today?

I’ve always been an eccentric individual growing up in my teens, struggling to fit in because I felt like such a rare breed. Around that time, I learned to embrace what I loved about myself and expressing myself through my style. I would say that the Chrissa Sparkles “spirit” has always been in me, but I didn’t quite know how to navigate that until the past few years. I’ve bloomed into this woman I always wanted to be – someone who is strong, confident, and beautiful and hopes to help other babes embrace themselves 100%. 17 year old me would be so proud!


When did you start your brand?ย 

I started taking my Chrissa Sparkles brand seriously about a few years ago through Instagram. I was producing photo shoots for myself without knowing that I was doing all of the creative/art direction – from concepts, styling, set dressing which essentially turned into a job down the line. Before all of this, I pursued musical theatre/acting and on-camera hosting for years before I buckled down into the fitness industry as an instructor and simultaneously building my brand. I reached a point where I no longer wanted to fit into this mould that casting directors wanted me to be in, and I made the vow to genuinely stay true to myself by dying my hair pink, getting tattoos, and committing to my style. From that point on, I’ve received more jobs than I ever have as an actor just by being Chrissa.


What are your most important inspirations?

My family and friends are the reason why I am here today. Without their support and pep talks, I wouldn’t be hustling every second of every day to make these opportunities for myself. Ultimately being inspired by their journeys and what they’ve done to achieve what they have in life, it’s amazing.



You always use the word “cute”: what is cute for you?

The word cute means many things to me. The words that come to mind are girlie, feminine, bold. Cute is ultimately this lifestyle motto that I live by, only choosing the cutest things that life has to offer.


How would you define your aesthetic?

I like to play between the worlds of cutesy and sexy. My goal is to always come up with a sexy and bold silhouette with sweet colours and textures. I love to play with that fine line! Most days I always ask myself: “Can I get away with wearing this today?”.


Tell us 3 words to describe yourself and what you do.

Pink. Sassy. Resilient.



There’s so much pink in your e-shop and your Instagram account. Is it more than just a colour?

Pink, to me, is a colour of strength, love, and power. Pink is a lifestyle. It’s how I feel comfortable carrying myself and presenting myself to the world. There’s always this negative connotation with the colour Pink – “too girly”, “too young”. As a consumer, it’s so difficult to find clothing in the colours of pastel pink and barbie pink that isn’t muted into this millennial blush or mauve colour. As a designer, pink is my neutral and that’s all I care about making. People are scared of the colour pink, and I’m on a mission to change that


You have a very cute clothing line! Is there a fashion brand or a designer that you love and that inspires you with your work

Thank you so much! I pull inspiration from the most random places – from vintage toys, artwork, on location. I think Betsey Johnson has ultimately been my inspiration for a good chunk of my life. A woman who has established such a distinct brand and aesthetic that’s immediately recognizable is incredible. It’s something I certainly strive to accomplish with my work and how I can innovate what’s already been done.


How do you use Instagram in your everyday work?ย 

I use Instagram as a way to communicate with my followers and making awesome friendships. I’ve done a great job curating a strong positive community through my page, and they’re ultimately who I cater to when it comes to producing new products. The platform is also fantastic for inspiration, but I always have to be careful about the balance between consuming vs. creating. Making sure that I stay in my lane and focus on my art without being heavily influenced by all of the amazing work I see every day.



Do you think Instagram has helped you in your business?

Tremendously! It would be non-existent. My business as a creative director and clothing designer would not be possible without the hard work I showcase on my page and the engagement I have with my strong community of babes on the platform. I’ve also made the coolest friends through Instagram and work with so many like-minded artists who are so talented, kind, and fearless. We are very lucky to be living in this time of social media where we can be exposed to so much art and talent, it’s so inspiring.


Have you ever thought to do some brand extensions?

All. The. Time! As an independent business owner, we have to be mindful of the financial resources we may or may not have, and that ultimately determines the amount of work we put out. I like to set realistic goals in small increments to help build me up to where I want to be.


How do you see yourself in the next 10 years? And where would you like to bring your brand?

The “Chrissa Sparkles Empire” as I like to call it because I am a woman of many talents and dreams! I can see my clothing line becoming more accessible to the general public and also establishing a high-end couture line that caters to high fashion clients and artists that I’d love to style. I see myself creating this movement with my brand that inspires fun and creativity in our very cookie cutter society, whether it’s through my designs or a tv show that I develop. Sky’s the limit!

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