Do you know which is the Depop account where you can find amazing clothes and accessories? Of course, it’s Chiara Ferragni‘s! With more than 1,8 million followers, it’s one of the most appreciated account ever on our fave marketplace, where we love to purchase and sell fashion and vintage pieces. Her profile is always updated with new items in perfect conditions. Did you take a look at the latest products she’s selling? No? Well, you don’t need to say nothing more: discover them with us!


Chiara Ferragni’s Depop is a true paradise for fashion lovers. We can find the fashion items that she wore even in the last year and that you must have seen in her faboulous outfits posted on Instagram. Luckily, Depop allows us to shop straight from her beautiful walk in closet!



The most wanted on her account? Of course, accessories! Shoes, bags and sunglasses are the first to go sold out. Among the latest pieces that put the flame in her fandom are some great Gianvito Rossi golden cuissards, but also these gorgeous Giuseppe Zanotti shimmering pumps. You know how much she’s obsessed with shoes: that’s why you can always count on their perfect conditions!


Bags are in high demand as well and they’re the first to go sold out! A new entry you shouldn’t miss is Sara Battaglia‘s clutch, that with its striped motif is the perfect accessory to spice up your summer outfits. If you’re looking for an iconic bag, don’t miss the Ralph Lauren’s Ricky bag, a cult for fashion maniacs!

Did you say sunglasses? Chiara’s collection is unstoppable, just like her! The lastes sunnies you can find are from Miu Miu, with beautiful purple and yellow details: are you sure you want to lose the chance to get them? If you’re obsessed with design frames, take a look at this fantastic Jacques Mariemages sunglasses, the best accessory for a jaw-dropping effect!

Waiting for the summer, Chiara’s Depop account is the place where you can find also amazing beachwear pieces, like bikinis or swimsuits. Our top choice? Lenny Niemeyer bandeau bikini, with its super cool leather details. Another summer look you can’t miss is the Athena Procopiu bikini, with its amazing colourful print that will give some coolness to your holidays!

This is just a taste of all the great pieces you can find on Chiara’s Depop account! In our gallery below you can find other amazing clothes and accessories that you can purchase, but don’t forget to follow Chiara on Depop to be always updated on the new products she’s selling!



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