Chiara FerragniΒ lovesΒ Depop. You know for sure that she has one of the most followed accounts of the 8 million users social marketplace where you can purchase and sell clothes, accessories, design objects and much more. It’s time to know a little bit more about her profile and discover what she sells, but also what she purchases, on Depop.

It’s been almost four years that our dearest Chiara made her debut on Depop. Since then, so many clothes and accessories passed through her profile window. Some of them are the same that we liked and commented on her blog at the beginning and then on her Instagram page, pieces that she used to create some gorgeous outfits for a runway show front row or for an editorial shooting. Many of these items have been in her closet in the last 6 months…we’re talking about fashionable clothes and accessories, that go sold out in a few hours.

Depop, for Chiara, is not only a place where she can share her beautiful closet but also a marketplace where she can purchase the coolest items. If you’re a fan, you’re aware of her passion for vintage fashion pieces. One of the last treasure she discovered is a pair of Dior vintage sunglasses, that she bought on Depop.

Curious enough? Let’s download the app, search for Chiara’s account and start shopping!

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