Even during our holidays, we can’t help but open our Depop app and check our favourite accounts to discover the newest deals. In this famous social marketplace, we can sell and purchase vintage or brand new pieces, always in perfect conditions! We’re always looking for new accounts to follow, and you? If you’re obsessed with Depop like us, then you should read about these four cool Depop accounts to follow. Check them out!




Number one Depop account for The Blonde Salad? Of course, Chiara Ferragni‘s one! You should know very well that this is the right place to find some exclusive pieces from her walk-in closet, even clothes and accessories she wore in the last six months! Now that she moved to her new apartment, her Depop profile is so full of new surprises, just like this gorgeous Paula Cademartori bag… another reason why you can’t miss it!




We absolutely love Soko! She’s a singer, an actress, and a muse for brands like Gucci and Chanel. She’s definitely an A-list artist to follow on Instagram, and we love to be inspired by her looks. If you love her style, you must be happy to know that she’s also a fan of decluttering. What’s the connection with Depop? Well, she decided to renovate her closet! She’s selling some of her clothes and accessories in her shop! All her vintage pieces, rock bands’ merchandising and luxury outfits are driving us crazy!




“Vintage” is not only for archive pieces from many decades ago. Recent fashion collections, for example, are already a cult, especially if they went sold out in a few days since their launch. If you love brands like PradaGucci by Alessandro Michele collections, Supreme and Vetements, then @oliversarchive is your next profile to follow: so many recent fashion pieces, such as this fur gilet from Supreme X The North Face collection, that is already a cult. Indeed, that’s the Depop account for streetwear lovers! His founder, Ollie Purnell, has a dream: to take his Depop shop in the real life, opening a vintage boutique in London!




In love with vintage fashion? Depop is the best place to find archive pieces because we’re sure to find authentic items in perfect conditions. Depop’s Instagram account, in these days, suggested us to follow @aurora. We immediately checked this profile, and we fell in love with Elena, the mind behind it. She built a Depop shop for real vintage experts, with many beautiful pieces she found all over the world. If you’re interested, start to follow her right now: her pieces go sold-out in days!


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