Sunglasses, in the summer, are our best friends! They’re perfect to protect our eyes from sun rays and, at the same time, they can add a magical touch to our looks! Lately, vintage shades are trending, especially the ones from the Nineties. Are you looking for the perfect sunnies? If you want to make great deals, go to Depop! Today we’re unveiling you three eyewear accounts to follow immediately!



If you’re obsessed with vintage sunglassesRaw Edge Label Quality Depop shop is what you need. This account, in fact, is dedicated to both to vintage sunglasses and optical frames from the Sixties to the Nineties, usually never worn and in perfect conditions and competitive prices! If you’re not obsessed with logos, but you always look for unusual details, you must take a look at this profile!


Are you addicted to big brands? No worries, we understand your disease! In this case, there’s only one Depop store to help you to get through this obsession: it’s Only Luxury Brands shop, one of the best eyewear spot in this marketplace. You’ll have plenty of choice between Christian Dior, Valentino and Gucci vintage and new frames. We bet you’ll purchase one of them soon!


Last, but not least, Optometry Eyewear. We are talking about an account for real pros. Don’t expect to find big labels or fashionable sunglasses, because this is a place for true lovers, who prefer to set the fashion rules instead of simply follow them. That’s why all its products go sold out in a few days!


Have you already subscribed to Depop? Don’t waste too much time and start shopping. You only have to remember, between a purchase and another, to take a look at all the new products on Chiara Ferragni‘s Depop shop!

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