He likes to open the sparkling curtains of fashion shows to unveil fashion in its naked truth. That’s Ecce Homo mission: capture moments and details from fashion weeks, but also from the everyday life, where fashion really burst int our lives. Simone, member of the buying team of Coltorti’s boutiques, is a real fashion insider and through its Instagram account @ecce____homo, close to 70k followers, talks about fashion with his original point of view. Priviledged, of course, but also very incisive. Let’s meet him through this interview.
Hello Simone, tell us how did you start your Instagram account and why di you choose to name it this way.
Ecce Homo’s birth is a bit troubled. Due to Instagram policies, due old accounts have been removed. The name’s choice is not accidental: Ecce Homo is the title of 1888 Nietzsche’s autobiography, that recaps his whole philosophic journey, just like my Instagram account is a summa of my older ones. Besides, I loved the biblical, and blasphemous at the same time, reference: Ecce Homo is the sentence that Pontius Pilate, according to John’s Gospel, said when he offered Jesus Christ to Jews (Here’s the man), but Homo is also appropriate to all the gay friendly details that permeate the account.
How a “fashion moment” has to be in order to capture your attention?
It should be unusual, essentially imperfect and differently attractive. I like to open the curtains and remove the carpet, lookinf for the wrong detail that insitutional fashion wants to hide. I’m a furious iconoclast againts the traditional way we think about fashion: unstitched sequins, toes that doesn’t fit the shoes they’re in, sponge socks and high heels shoes, glamourous gowns worn inside restrooms… That’s Ecce Homo.

Ecce next season credit card: thank you @ashish, I will always love you 🔥

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What fashion needs to show on social medias to create buzz?

Since social networks took over our everyday lives, even fashion understood how is important to show real things, throw away its mask that usually wears during fashion weeks. That’s the reason of Ecce Homo’s success: take away fashion from its glamourous spots and bring it inside suermarkets, gay clubs, fast food restaurants, the world where we actually live. I like to move in this creative short circuit, enhancing the most controversial aspects.

Ecce purple rain: when the weather is shitty but it’s Milan fashion week 🔥

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Tell us the best 3 Ecce Homo’s moments of these fashion weeks.
The rainbow check from Burberry’s backstage in London, sparling boot walking through the rain outside Marco De Vincenzo’s show and the Masturbate slogan that we saw on Ashish’s catwalk. Is here anything more Ecce?
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