Time for another backstage sesh! Did you see Leila, out little Princess of the Wild? She looks great in the story for our shop! You got to know her a little better in the Camera Roll Q&A, it’s now time to go behind the scenes on the day of the photoshoot. It. Was. Scorching. The weather was so hot we almost gave up at one point and wanted to change locations. But oh boy, the view! Calabasas Canyon Park is beautiful, great for hiking and a bit of me-time meditation. Chiara came along for the day, and she found a fun way to pass the time. Check it out in the video… And don’t forget to shop the items for your Princess of the Wild look!

Do you like what you see? Here’s a little reminder on how you could style your new purchases + some bonus fun!

Makeup & hair: Cooper Just
Pics + video: Nicolas Padron
Vintage re-conditioning: MamaClean

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