A dive into the blue sea, ice-cream in the village’s historic streets, a cheerful run along the shore: all we dream about for summer are Vacanze Italiane.

Produced by Martina Maccherone & Gregorio Capineri Tosetti
Photographer: Jessica De Maio
Hair and Makeup: Manuele Mameli
Location: Portovenere

Special thanks to Costa Estate and Scuola di Mare Santa Teresa

11 Responses to “Vacanze Italiane”

  • These looks are all so dreamy! Love the playful, feminine style, has me ready for a European vacation! xx fashionbyday.com

    Reply to Kirby Morris
  • Ame!!! The taco sunglasses, those going direct to my shopping cart. ❤️

    Reply to karla
  • Lovely pictures! Will definitely head back to Italy as soon as possible xx

    Reply to Diane
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