We watched them patrol the runways, during the recent fashion weeks, marching in, one after the other. They looked chic, sophisticated and strong, in other words, hot, to die for. Wondering what we are talking about? The word “patrolling” wasn’t a random choice, since we are talking about about the military jackets that were spotted everywhere at fashion shows.

The thought of military jackets is enticing, to say the least. Indeed, military uniforms have been a fashion influence since the 60s at least, when Yves Saint Laurent launched his iconic Saharienne jacket. This season, the trend — as seen at the Burberry, Givenchy and Gucci shows, and many others — got a glamorous relaunch: one we totally fell in love with, since the jackets don’t look like they come from an army surplus store anymore, but rather from Louis XIV’s luxurious chambers.

This means this season’s military jackets are embellished with crystals, bows, brass buttons, trimmed rope and marvelous epaulettes: all good reasons to get one of those jackets right away, don’t you think?  Pick your favorite in our gallery below.

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