“Who dresses in green has too much confidence in her beauty”. There’s an italian adage that sounds more or less like this, asserting that green is the hardest colour to match. Luckily, now, is much easier to find a green shade that doesn’t look good on everyone. 2017 was the year of greenery, in 2018 we’ll see how green can still be one of the trendiest colour, rocking green total looks and brighter shades.


There’s no doubt that green would be one of the coolest colours for next season. From emerald‘s bright tones to military green darker ones, there’s no shade to miss. All green’s tones rocked the catwalks, with acid green and pastel shades.


Brighter shades are the real must have for next months, but also darker ones have to find their special place in your wardrobe. Do you want to find your perfect green look? Well, take a look at our gallery below, with all the inspirations from the best runway shows.


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