It girl of the moment? It’s Hailey Baldwin! Since she and Justin Bieber got engaged, after the romantic proposal at the Bahamas, all the spotlight are on her! We didn’t need such huge news to put her under our radar: for The Blonde Salad, Hailey is one of the hottest fashion icons to follow! Studying her amazing looks, we learned five style tips to steal her! Are you ready to discover them?

Posh and sporty street style

Paparazzi always loved to take pics of her, but since she became Justin Bieber’s fiancée, she can’t take a walk without being assaulted by them. To be honest, there’s a positive side of the story, at least for us: we can have hundreds of photos of her daily looks! Hailey created her own personal fashion style, mixing and matching sporty pieces to posh attires. One of her latest favourite look? The Versace total look she wore for her first official hang out with Justin!

She loves to play with makeup

Hailey Baldwin loves to surprise her fans with her looks. There’s always a never-seen-before detail in all her outfits, especially beauty ones: on the red carpet, she always kills beautiful makeup looks! Do you remember her black lips at the latest Brit Awards? Lip products seem to be her favourite ones, but she also rocked amazing eye makeup!

She sparkles on the red carpet

We learned a lesson from Hailey Baldwin: on special occasions, we need to shine! The red carpet is her reign, and she always surprises us with jaw-dropping attires. Her fave outfits? Super sparkling ones, with sequins and crystals all over and some nude effects. Do you think she will wear a sheer sparkling dress for her first official red carpet hand in hand with Justin?

She’s a fan of scrunchies

Her father Stephen was a movie star in the Nineties. Is this the reason why she loves Nineties inspired hairstyles? If you follow her like us, you probably noticed that she’s obsessed with scrunchies! Her perfect ponytails already made history, just like her scrunchies that are beautifully matched with her outfits. Her hairstyles are so easy to copy!

She’s obsessed with masculine looks

What do we love about Hailey Baldwin? Above all, the fact that she can wear a super sexy dress in the evening, and the day after rock a menswear outfit. Blazer and mannish suits are cult pieces of her wardrobe, and she loves to style them also for special events and red carpets. There’s plenty of ideas we can steal from her style!

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