Chiara Ferragni‘s latest obsession? Headbands! We couldn’t agree more: next spring-summer, they will be the trick to accessorize our outfitfs…and our heads.

As many of the trends that we’ll wear in the coming weeks, headbands are coming back straight from the Nineties. But luckily, there’s no trace of the embarassing ones we wore then every day: now, they’re cooler than ever. But, to be honest, we have to thank a TV series that brought them back in style: Gossip Girl. Headbands, actually, were the iconic symbol of Blair Waldorf style!

Everything changes, but one thing remains for headbands: the bigger, the flashier, the better. So, don’t be afraid to try some golden, sparkling and emebellished one, or even a party inspired one (Alexander Wang‘s headbands are perfect when you have a wild night and you look for something to speak for yourself). Maxi headbands are the coolets, just like the velvet one that our muse Chiara wore for Prada‘s fashion show.

Looking for tips for yur head? Take a look at our gallery below!


Chiara Ferragni
Chiara Ferragni


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