Fashion weeks have officially started, and as per usual, the street is our favorite catwalk: It Girls and fashion lovers are here with their best looks, to inspire us while we get ready for Fall.

Looking at street style photos from Copenhagen and Stockholm, we noticed that some retro sneaker designs are central to some of the most beautiful looks. Curious? Don’t even think of a sporty, ultra look cool, actually, just forget about that. The real secret to draw everyone’s attention is to wear your sneakers with something totally unexpected!

If you love sneakers and you’ve been looking for new ways to wear them for a while, how about choosing your favorite design and matching it to our look suggestions for Fall 2017? In the meantime, we already picked our favorite style, which will definitely stay true to our favorite outfits for the season

Wear sneakers with something unexpected: suits are a must!

Wear sneakers with something unexpected: what about an office midi skirt?

Wear sneakers with something unexpected: what do you think about colorful tights and oversize dresses? 

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