sandalsLately, we spotted several people get daring, wearing shoes that we would never have imagined could become trendy: hiking sandals. Yes: you got that right, those tourist sandals, complete with straps and rubber soles.

There are only two schools of thought here: the haters and the lovers. Indifference is not an option, when discussing this kind of footwear… These sandals have gone global and are everywhere by now, from small seaside town local stores to the coolest concept stores on the planet. So, the question here is: if we dared to actually buy a pair, how could we pull them off?

We gave it a bit of thought here at TBS and we have to confess: we love them, or at least most of us do. How to wear them, then? There’s a trick to pull these sandals off and it’s this: keep it as simple and as minimalist as you can, and put them at the center of your outfit. To look like a lost tourist in the concrete jungle, wear them with denim shorts and a tank top — socks are optional. Another option is going normcore and choose the most basic outfit you can think of: chinos, a t-shirt, maybe a hat would do it.

We are showcasing 3 ideas in our gallery: a girly one, a more fashionable one, and one option that is very simple and striking at the same time. We hope you also feel like daring this summer… Honestly, take our TBS word for it: these sandals are super comfy!!

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