bodysuitThe 90s and  bodysuits are inspiration for all cool girls right now. Sun shine  and festivals are a  bodysuit ‘s natural  habitat, and we obviously have our choice  ready! Why do we like them so much, you ask? The answer is very simple:  one bodysuit lets you choose any style for your day: you can be sexy, cool, minimal, romantic, chic or casual, with just one item of clothing. Never occurred to you before ?? Visit our  gallery  to see our three ideas on how to match  bodysuits . We recommend those with a very high cut on your thighs…  so you can look like you just stepped out of Baywatch !

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  • Bodysuits look so cool, but I’m always afraid they’re a bit uncomfortable, especially if you have to be walking around all day haha! Loving all of these outfit inspirations though 🙂 They look so chic <3

    XO, Elizabeth

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