sequinsSequins are often difficult to wear: the smallest mistake can make you look tacky. A sequined top, though, can look amazing with your favorite pair of jeans and sleek, simple flats. The key idea is to always manage the interplay between minimal, casual and ultra glam styles the right way. Feel like wearing a sequined dress? Why not do it during the day, just with a pair of white Chucks? If you feel like taking that sequined skirt out of the darkest recesses of your wardrobe, why don’t you, and wear it with a simple, pale-colored sweatshirt? We collected three perfect sequin outfit ideas, for the shiniest Spring Summer 2016 you can imagine.


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  • This is a great post! There is definitely a fine line with sequins and its those pieces that you have to be careful with, because they can come off tacky at times. I thought these three looks were great examples of how to pull them off without doing too much. Such a helpful post!

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