Summer is over, and we are all sorry about that, but this is also an excellent time to figure out what to change in your wardrobe, and how to dress on the first rainy days of fall. Colorful sweatshirts, leather biker jackets and oversize down jackets are all must-haves you shouldn’t forget at home: if you wear them with jeans or with a midi skirt, they will give you the cool touch you want. If you feel you’re struggling a little, and could use a tip, no worries: we are here for that. If you’re not ready for coats yet, dress in layers instead, and complete your outfit with an oversize sweatshirt — maybe one that is two sizes bigger. If you don’t want to give up on sandals, you can wear them with a pair of socks, and give a romantic touch to even the most urban of outfits. If you don’t like wearing pants and prefer dresses, Monday to Sunday, find a good pair of tights to avoid freezing, and don’t forget an oversize top, to never lose your cool. We collected 4 ideas for your first Fall rainy days in the gallery. What do you think?

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  • Love how you used lots of black pieces in these outfits – i think it goes perfectly well with the gloomy weather! And great sense of style , keep it up!

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    Un look meglio dell’altro! Complimenti per la selezione 😉

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