Oh no, winter, not again: we definitely don’t feel like being told what to wear this year. Sure, it might be getting cold – but we certainly don’t want to give up on our beautiful summer dresses! Make sure you wrap yourself up nice and warm, and with these 5 tricks for cold weather, you will be able to continue wearing anything you like: and right now, you want lace, tulle, and silk. So, hold on to your summer dresses, we’ll help you make them winterproof.

Lace dresses Lace in winter, you ask? Yes, you can! The most elegant way to avoid completely freezing is to buy a few tight turtleneck tops. Not only do they look perfect under delicate dresses or deep cut-outs, they also add a classy touch: don’t be afraid to show up in the dress you wore at the last summer wedding in mid-December: it will look totally different!

Maxi dresses You like to think big? Just hold on tight to your flowered maxi dress, throw on a cozy knit sweater, gird it with a nice leather belt, then slip into a pair of hiking boots. Trust us, you will turn heads.

Nude dresses Wearing nude dresses in winter is a true challenge that only true fashion black belts can manage: hard, but not impossible! If you feel you need some advice, here we are. Wear your nude dress with a pair of black skinny jeans and pointed ankle boots, and voilà: your dress will transform itself, from nude to rock ’n roll.

Slip dresses That’s right, slip dresses do not even cover our shoulders. Nevertheless, they can be used in any season. Actually, we think they might even look better if you wear them over your favorite hoodie — it will instantly give you a that off-duty model look. Not convinced? Just give it a try… We bet it’s going to be your new favorite style!

Bustier dresses Okay, let’s be honest: bustier dresses are like wearing nothing at all, since they do not even cover your shoulders. It’s freezing, but you are still holding on to them? That’s how to win the winter challenge: just wear a blouse underneath. Trust us, it looks totally classy – and it keeps you warm.

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