camiThis fall/winter 2016-2017, the shirt has discreetly appeared on the runways, in different forme. You can’t see too many, but those that have been shown have been out of the ordinary. Actually the traditional shirt is still impressive, but you could also bore those who love to wear them in a different way. We have been inspired by shows and we have identified 6 unconventional ways to wear shirts, which have grabbed our attention and we hope that they will be an inspiration for you.

Under a slip dress
This is how DKNY and COACH do it, they pair it with the most popular dress of season, which reigns supreme within the collections. An uncommon, but well thought-out pairing that some of the girls in the office are already looking forward to trying out.

Tight around the waist
Like Prada, which highlights the figure using a waist trainer, corset and belt over the shirt. Something you can also try with a scarf.

With braces
A woman that has always loved the shirt, wearing it in an androgynous style is without a doubt Marlene Dietrich. Mulberry is inspired by her, as on their catwalk, leather braces are used above a super feminine shirt with thousands of rouches, slightly provocative.

Worn with a tie or a small scarf, ton sur ton
For Ralph Lauren, on their catwalk, which is blaze of earthy colors, the tie to wear on the shirt is ton sur ton. And why limit yourself to wearing just one item? Try adding a waistcoat or a small sweater in the same shade; this could be really interesting!

Considering it’s length, it could be worn as a dress, instead, as Vetements does, it is tucked into trousers. The effect focuses on increasing and exaggerating the volume on the upper half of the body. Want to try it? Your boyfriend, brother or cousin’s shirt will do when trying to imitate this look without looking silly. Let us know if you like the results!

Above a high-neck jumper
Usually we think of wearing something on top of it, but what if you tried the opposite. That’s what Arthur Arbesser did for Iceberg, playing with contrasts and overlapping classic white shirts with a black polo necks. Essential and chic.


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