As I recently started desperately trying to bring some order into my overloaded wardrobe, I realized something odd. I noticed that among all the jeans, skirts and dresses (and believe me, it’s quite a large number we’re talking about) short pants were totally missing. I found one single pair of culotte pants — the large, long and comfy XXL version of shorts that also notoriously tops the list of man-repellents — and one pair of denim hot pants. How come, I asked myself. After some reflection, I figured that short pants are still the victim of a great fashion prejudice. They’re not supposed to be flattering, they’re not supposed to be very feminine (maybe hot, but only in the very short version of them), they’re not supposed to be chic. How wrong I am! They can be all of that and even more. Time to write a love letter to this poor clothing item, then! And since spring is coming, it’s only one more good reason to look at short pants from a fresh new angle.

Short pants to wear when you feel like ice-cream and flower power: denim shorts

The sun is shining, your skin is slightly tanned and all you want to wear is a big pair of sunglasses and a cone filled with strawberry ice-cream. Since this might look a little scandalous on the streets, add cute little denim hotpants. Are you avoiding them because you don’t have the amazingly long legs of Gisele Bündchen? Don’t you worry, just wear your shorts with a light silk kimono top!



Shorts to wear when you feel too cool for school: bermuda

So easy, so casual, so cool: high-waisted paperboy shorts are not only super comfy, but they have the perfect length too. Not too short, not too long – and super cute, with whichever shoes you feel like wearing. Add sneakers, look cool. Add sandals, look nonchalant. Add ankle-boots, look urban. Whatever you choose, you will simply look too cool for school.



The short pants to wear when you feel like a modern Audrey Hepburn: culottes

They are the modern version of a little black dress: culottes! We admit it guys, worn with sneakers, they’re not the most flattering, but worn with heels! Hell yeah, they are a whole other story. They instantly give you an elegant, elongated silhouette, and they are so much cooler than dresses….



The short pants to wear when you feel sexy as hell: capri pants

«When I’m walking down the streets they say hey sexy…»: woke up with the Pussycat Dolls song as an earworm? No problem, just grab a tight pair of capri shorts. They show what you got, and in combination with a cute top  and heels, they even have big party potential.

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