If we asked you what the main trend in accessories was right now, we are pretty sure you would reply: belts! Worn on dresses, tops, sweatshirts and jackets, with no exceptions, belts are back to stay, and this time, they are taking the leading role in our looks!
This time we understand why, though, because who doesn’t like to make their waist stand out? Surely, we all do, but maybe not all of us know how to pick the right belt for us. With a wider belt, your silhouette will stand out more obviously; a thinner belt will be less visible, but it will achieve the same result in a much more sophisticated way! Spring is here, so you will be wearing lighter fabrics that will look even better with your new belts. What do you think? Our favorite way to wear belts is with a blazer… It really doesn’t get any more chic than that!

Double belt with romantic blouses

Waist belt with maxi dresses

Skinny belts with oversize blazers

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