We know, you’re thinking, «Has TBS Crew’s gone nuts? Boots in the summer?». But humor us for a second: what if you really are not into sandals? Not everybody likes to wear open shoes in the city, and while there are a million options, sometimes boots are just the best one, especially during a thunderstorm when it’s still 85 degrees.

Plus, boots are always cool: you can mix and match them with any piece of clothing; be it a summer dress, miniskirt or shorts, they’ll always be groovy, as celebrities such as the Hadid sisters and Kendall Jenner have already demonstrated!

Scroll down to the gallery for 5 boot types to wear for the summer plus 5 ideas on how to wear them. What’s your favorite?

Boots in the summer: life is short, take risks… and colorful bright boots! 

Boots in the summer: colorful combat boots is our new favorite trend

Boots in the summer: for a sophisticated city look, white is always a good idea! 

Boots in the summer: badass black combat boots are so cool

Boots in the summer: sock boots made your legs longer and thinner… so why not? 

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