Swimsuits are for the beach only. Says who? Definitely not me, because the secret to having a great style is to wear unexpected clothes – or at least to wear clothes in an unexpected combination and situation. Like a swimming suit at the office, for example. You would never dare to do that?

Don’t talk  too fast. Sure, you wouldn’t show up half naked, it all depends on what you choose to complete your outfit, but adding the right pieces will make every swimsuit into a really nice, wearable and totally dressed up outfit. I promise!

How to wear a swimming suit at the office

Showing up in beachwear at the office might be the most challenging styling issue. But no worries, if you follow these three rules you will look just perfect. Office rule number one: never wear strap tops or bare shoulder tops: grab a swimming suit with nice little volants on the shoulders instead, this will instantly look more dressed up and make you feel less naked. Rule two: if you wear a top with short sleeves or a décolleté, don’t show too much leg. A midi skirt or some culotte pants are perfect for a summer outfit that doesn’t show too much skin. Rule three: don’t go crazy with colors. Sure, it’s summer, but you’d better go for pastels like baby blue and rose, at the office, and avoid looking like you’re on your way to a beach party in Ibiza.


How to wear a swimming suit for a romantic dinner

What is the secret to looking effortlessly sexy? Grab a black swimsuit with an amazing wrap décolleté top, and wear it with loose fit silk pants that look a little like your silk pajama. This will not only make your legs look a lot longer, it is also the perfect outfit for nearly any dinner place you could possibly imagine. Casual bar? Wear a denim jacket and sneakers. Classy restaurant? Choose a blazer and heels. See? This outfit will make you very very happy. And hey, you will be prepared for whatever end your date might have: maybe your dinner place has a swimming pool on the rooftop?

How to wear a swimming suit for a coffee with the girls

What to wear when hanging out with the girls? Something joyful, something casual, something that puts you in a good mood. Like a nice leopard print swimming suit, a pair of destroyed jeans and your favorite fur slippers. Okay, you might arrive late at your coffee place because so many people will stop you on your way to ask where you got those amazing shoes (been there, done that!), but hey: who doesn’t like getting compliments? And if nobody admires you on your way, trust us, your girls will.


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