We are all used to dress accordingly to certain occasions. Job interview? We grab our blazer. Romantic dinner? We slip into our little black dress. Holidays on the French Riviera? We would never leave without our white linen shorts. But have you ever tried to dress like you actually feel? To dress like your emotions? Well girls, it’s all about colors.

How to dress like hope: GREEN

Get the green light. Love is evergreen. It’s not easy being green, like Kermit said. Green, Pantone color 2017. Well, doesn’t it look like green is everywhere? It’s already in our language, in our environment, in our smoothies, so it is high time to have more of it in our outfits, too! Especially since it is considered to be the color of harmony, freshness and hope. Three good reasons to go green, from head to toe!


How to dress like passion: RED

Red is not only a signal color for bulls. We all react to it, and we do it just as fiercely as bulls, and that is no wonder, since red triggers something deep inside us all: love, passion and courage!  So, in case you have a day coming up that makes you feel like this, look at how terrific you can look when you are entirely dressed in the color of passion.

How to dress like serenity: BLUE

Sometimes, we just feel like we have to dive into the blue… Literally! It is an amazing feeling which we should always follow, because blue does not only look royally good, it also stands for tranquility, faith and serenity. Blue instantly calms you down and makes you feel focused, and on top of that it always gives your look a touch of elegance. How serene, girl


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