I was in Paris last week, and one of the things I do for work is to be observant, watching little details — meaning that when I am out, I often pay attention to what people wear. When I was out in town, I met a girl, and when I saw her, I thought she looked 100% French: when I heard her speak, I realized that she really was. Hers was a total black look, but what was so special about it? Her black, basic, retro loafers whose heel was definitely not over 2cm, and strangely enough, these loafers were not Gucci’s. Honestly, in the world of fashionistas, Gucci loafers is all people seem to wear nowadays… Well, apparently not then, and as this girl goes to show, you really don’t have to be wearing what everyone else does to be cool! Right? I collected a few ideas on cool ways to wear loafers in the gallery, going from those that are a cult model right now to basic, maybe vintage ones.

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  • Adoro i mocassini, le indosso spesso pur non essendo per niente alta, le preferisco alle ballerine, mi sento molto cool! Articolo molto interessante, anche io guardo sempre in giro, e da tutto prendo spunto 😉

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    So much style inspiration!



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