We tend of think of couture collections as fit for princesses, their dreamy, eye-catching pieces reserved for the ultra special events… but what if we did away with those prejudices and made these clothes a part of our daily wardrobe? Does it sound weird? It doesn’t have to be! It’s time to take the wheel and become our own stylists: get your tulle skirts, gown dresses, and/or eye-catching accessories out of the closet. How not to overdo it? Pick a piece with a lot of personality and mix and match it with simpler, more traditional pieces: they’ll create the perfect cool and casual outfit for you to go about your day. Ready for some blockbuster-worthy fashion in your life? Time to be gorgeous, nonstop!

“Couture” pieces during the day: feathers on your skirt by day? Oh, yes! 

“Couture” pieces during the day: wear satin, romantic and sophisticated dresses always with flat shoes

“Couture” pieces during the day: eye-catching accessories and many many crystals are perfect with flared trousers and oversize shirts


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