Have you ever daydreamed about leaning against the porch of a range, in the middle of the Wild West, watching your handsome cowboy riding back home to you, his moving dark silhouette against the bright red sunset in the sky? Well, if you haven’t until now, I bet you at least got fond of the cowboy style at the latest Dior Cruise Show. It took place in a Wild West spot exactly like this, with all the models wearing stunning western-inspired outfits. The question that popped into my mind afterwards was: can anything look as cool, as powerful and sexy at the same time as those Wild West looks with hats, boots, layered dresses and suede jackets? The answer is easy. It’s no. Definitely not.

A good reason for us to dress like a cowgirl then, even if the Wild West is far away and we are no Dior model on the show. And believe us, dressing a cowboy-inspired way is totally possible without looking like you’re on your way to a costume party.  All you have to do is to follow this one important styling rule: wear exactly three of the following items at the same time, no more and no less, and your cowgirl look will be stunning – but still city-adapted! You can choose between a denim piece, a hat (preferably a fedora one), something with fringes, suede leather, cowboy boots, black leather goods and a gingham printed piece.
This sounds hard to handle? Then check out our three cowgirl looks below, and I bet this is what you will be wearing tomorrow.

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