You’re aware that combat boots are among the coolest accessories this season, but you don’t exactly know how to style them? We found a way: the coolest looks, and the most stylish girls, are the ones that manage to come up with unexpected matches, so, what would you think if we told you you can be utterly feminine, even with combat boots on?

The first things that come to mind when we think of combat boots? Jeans, checked shirts, tank tops, tees and oversize sweatshirts, of course. But what if you went for a pink, totally romantic dress, with pendant crystal earrings instead? Or what about a very feminine coordinated set, with mini skirt and blazer? It might seem odd, but these are actually very cool combinations we really would like to experiment with a little… The more unexpected the combination, the more spontaneous it’s going to look! You will find the sweet spot between femininity and masculinity.

If you’re looking for ideas to refresh your style with military combat boots, look at our gallery for inspiration: we are pretty sure you’ll love what you see! Go through all the looks, and choose your favorite!

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21 Responses to “Looking feminine with combat boots? Yes, please!”

  • Very helpful post, and love that you also gave the outfit ideas and linked where you can buy the clothes/accessories. xx

    Reply to Bella

    I love pairing girly dresses with combat boots! I usually do black dresses, though, so great suggestion on the pink!

    Style x Jo |

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    Obsessed with this look. I love the combat boots you are wear and the little bit of leather that is in the dress. It’s a perfect match. Xo, Ellese


    Reply to Ellese
  • I really like this article because i love to take this boots and your outfits are perfect !

    Reply to Coralie
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