Who doesn’t like to receive flowers? Or why not get them for ourselves, giving ourselves a touch of melancholy and romanticism? If flowers have these magical powers, why not even create looks that include our favorite flowers? We can choose them as our new accessory, as did Jeanne Damas, who has been showing us how to “wear” flowers around town in a very natural way, with her smile, and her affordable chic style.

We think every flower can represent a different kind of girl, and we must confess to being quite classical in our choice of bouquets: we always go for those made of just one kind of flower, wrapped in romantic brown paper. We thought of an outfit for each of our favorite flowers: what is yours?

Callas: in addition to being the symbol of purity, we picture them with a very sophisticated, minimalist style

Pink lilies: we picture them on a woman whose look is very feminine and innocent

Sunflowers: we picture them on a sunny woman with a casual style

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