Closing a cycle in life, and starting a new one, can always be a very moving moment, and we all agree that even though days like this are crucial to our lives, they can also be utterly stressful. If we stop and think about the most stressful times during the first 30 years of our lives, graduation probably makes the top 5: after years of study, laughter, tears and friendship, when the big day finally comes, there is one thing that might seem trivial, among the many factors we need to consider for that day, but that is actually essential, and that is our outfit for graduation day.

You will have to look elegant and classic, you will have to look professional, but most of all, you will have to feel comfortable… The wrong outfit could quickly turn into torture! There are no rules on what to wear, the key is to think about what makes you feel good and self-assured.

So, is the big day coming up? If that is the case, have a look in the gallery for some ideas on how to dress for graduation day. We thought of those who love pants, of anyone who wouldn’t be caught in anything other than a dress, and of those of you who think a skirt is the best outfit in which to tackle an important moment.

P.S. Some colors can be helpful for a day like graduation day: red, for instance, brings great positive energy… So you definitely shouldn’t leave your red clothes at home, right?

If you prefer classics don’t forget the details, as a perfect pair of fuchsia pumps and a waist belt over your shirt

Forget cute and femminine dresses; go for the ones who makes you look professional and classy

Our favorite is the coordinate skirt suit: avoid mini mini skirts and just in case, wear a long blazer jacket to look more professional

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