Once you are done defending your thesis, whatever the result, there will be nothing left to do but organize your graduation party, and decide on your look for that occasion. Whichever plans you made, don’t forget you will be queen for a night, and you totally deserve it… So choose something super special that will grab some attention, and don’t worry about overdoing anything: it is absolutely fine to be too much in this case!

No matter whether you went for something a little more formal, you want something easy, or you just feel like dinner and drinks with friends, don’t worry: we got you covered! If you are already organizing your graduation party, but haven’t chosen your outfit yet, you will find some ideas in our gallery… You won’t just be beautiful, you will be fabulous!

For a formal party: a shiny midi dress is the perfect solution to be elegant, but always young and, of course, the queen of the party!

For an easy party with friends: choose something casual and wear it with lots of shiny accessories… and high heels of course!

For dinner + drinks with friends: wear something cute but very short… is very important to show always your sexiest side; better if it’s in a very romantic way!


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