December is here, and we can feel the holiday spirit already: everyone is making Christmas plans, as well as plans for New Year’s Eve, of course. Sometimes we forget that the holidays also mean a whole month of non-stop social events, during which we will hardly have any time to think about what to wear! Do you feel that way too? Everyone wants to celebrate: gangs of girlfriends set up groups on social networks for organizing dinners/drinks/parties. End-of-year parties are a subject of water cooler conversation in the office, and at home, Christmas dinner is one of the main topics. Too many events, too many looks to figure out. It is all pretty hard to handle, but it is time to go ahead and plan what to wear at each party: look at the gallery for a few ideas on how to survive December. What do you think?

Pre Christmas/Holidays parties

Christmas Eve


New Year’s Eve

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