Life is a party! Or it should be, at least, because the moments you will remember for a lifetime are always tied to celebrating, laughing, music and friends… The dictionary definition of a festival. So, if you haven’t yet booked a ticket for one of the great festivals that are taking place all over the world soon, you should definitely put this on your to-do list, with high priority. And as soon as you have done that, scroll down, and read our fashion guide for festivals. It will tell you exactly what you should wear and why!

What to wear for Coachella festival in California

Welcome to fashion paradise! Because that’s what Coachella really is. It’s the unofficial meeting point for every girl that has or wants to have a standing in the fashion world, so this is exactly what you should keep in mind when you pack your bags. There are just a few rules to follow, and you will be just fine. First of all, when it comes to outfits, less is more. Wearing a transparent dress with only underwear is definitely normal. Second rule: be prepared to change your outfit at least three times a day. Less often than that is considered unacceptable. Third rule: designer clothes are not an option, they are a must. Just Kidding! 😉


What you should wear for Burning Man Festival in Nevada

Welcome to Black Rock desert, nomads! This festival is not for the faint of heart, it is for hard core party people that appreciate electronic music as much as going crazy with outfits. Actually, going crazy is exactly what you should do when you decide to live this desert experience. The rule to be perfectly dressed is really easy — there is no rule. And since temperatures get super low by night and super high by day, you will need everything from a fur coat to a bikini. Go crazy, girl!


What you should wear for Glastonbury festival in the UK

There is a reason why this legendary festival in the UK is known as the one where Kate Moss made a trend out of Hunters boots — the risk of rain is quite high. So, if you don’t want to end up walking barefoot, desperately looking for your shoes that got stuck in the mud (been there, done that), never ever wear sandals, heels or sneakers. Actually, don’t wear anything that can be damaged by the rain. Velour leather bags? Nope. Non-waterproof mascara? Nope. White shirts without a bra? Nope. But no worries, a little rain never hurt anyone, and it certainly won’t stop a real fashionista. You can still look amazing, as long as you follow our waterproof festival fashion guide.

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