sportsIt’s springtime, and sports lovers are going outdoors again, just as flowers are blooming once more. Remember the time when our outfit for exercising was an oversize t-shirt you got on a trip with your parents, paired with a pair of leggings? Things have changed since then! Today, you need a “suitable” outfit for sports, and that changes depending on whether you’re off to the gym, or you are exercising outdoors. You know, just to be ready in case you run into prince charming, or suddenly feel the urge to share the moment on social networks! Joking aside: if sports is an important part of your life, if it takes up a lot of your time every week, and you’ve been looking for something comfortable, cute and technical, check out our gallery. We collected some of our favorite items from the new Spring Summer 2016 collections. Choose your favorites!

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16 Responses to “How to dress for training: our favorite pieces for Spring 2016”

    We love that sport outfits are nowadays something more fashionable! There are a lot of great brand out there. We love the sweaters in you selection. Concerning the bottom, we prefer pieces from Lulu Lemon or Victoria’s secret Yoga pants!

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  • I don’t like the sport trend. Leggings doesn’t look good. Or elegant.

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