Do you know that feeling when you put some music on, and your mood instantly switches from gloomy to absolutely delighted? Well, it’s no secret that music is where the magic happens. It makes us feel, sing and dance, triggering emotions and taking us on trips into dreamworlds beyond reality. And there’s more to it: every music genre makes us feel different, and fits a different situation.

Classical music might make you feel like Marie Antoinette, waltzing through her chambers, swinging her embroidered skirts. Switch to hip hop, and you will suddenly and feel like you’re in the middle of New York, waiting for your girl gang to pick you up with their ride. I say it’s time to worship this magic some more, and what can be more fun than to express this through fashion?

So let’s play a game together that is called “what if your wardrobe was a jukebox…”. Scroll down to discover how to dress according to your favorite music genre.

How to dress like classical music

Classical does not mean boring. It can be super sexy, actually. And an old school touch always makes a look rather exquisite. You should try!

How to dress like electronic music

You’re the kind of girl you’ll find right in the middle of the dancefloor? A girl who loves to feel music beats take over her heartbeat? A girls who waits the whole week for Friday night to come? Well, you should put on this outfit right away! A mix of colorpop and glamour, it’s crazy sexy cool. Perfect for electro-babes.

How to dress like hip-hop music

“How low can you go?” Watch me! Because this jumpsuit is super comfy, and so are your sneakers. And in case people don’t know who they’re dealing with: show them your earrings, girl!

How to dress like rock music

Roaaarr! This outfit is smoking hot. Dark and sexy, but so cool at the same time! To be honest, it doesn’t really matter if you’re into rock music or not: this look will look stunning anyway!

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