familyIf you think meeting your partner’s parents the first time around is hard, then what about spending a weekend with them? Taylor Swift recently had to do this, when she went to meet her boyfriend Tom Hiddleston‘s family: make no mistake, we are sure she also went through that terrible moment of wondering, what do I wear? She found a good solution that can be inspirational for you, too. In case you missed it, she went for a quite classical, yet cute style, and these will be your winning keywords, too! No need to turn into someone else, you should just be yourself, but also be mindful of the situation. So, what will be your favorite clothing? A pair of jeans, a shirt and a pair of Mary Janes: your future mother-in-law will be watching you, and this style is absolutely safe. Look at the gallery for some outfit ideas for this important day. What do you think?

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9 Responses to “How to dress on the first weekend out with your boyfriend’s family”

  • Your outfit is definitely something you should pay attention to before meeting the parents! I stay true to my unique style, but typically go with a higher neckline and classic fit.

    Reply to Alli Robben
  • I would pick a T-shirt rather than a shirt. It’s more casual and comfortable

    Reply to adriana
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